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Welcome to My Homepage

This is my little corner in online world. You can visit my resume and my interesting topics in this website. Also, it is great honor for me to have your comments...


Alireza Mahyar     علیرضا ماهیار

Alireza Mahyar - علیرضا ماهیار

Alireza Mahyar

PhD Student of Information Technology Engineering
       Sharif University of Technology

ICT Consultant and Solution Provider 

Informatics Society of Iran Inspector


When it was time to redesign one of the sites, I got an idea about making a standard design that all of my sites could use and make some kind of official link network between the sites. My way of doing this turned out to be the use of toptabs (for selecting a website) and navitabs (for selecting subsections within the different sites). With a basic PHP template, all sites can have the same design and share the same toptabs - but they can have their own separate content. The final touch to it would be to give each site a color scheme of its own. The personal site has blue colors, the company site is green, the artist site is red and so on.